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Featured Services

GPS Tracking

Seamlessly Connected Tracking Solution

Businesses extend boundaries with connected networks. Suvega’s seamless tracking solutions enable your business to experience comprehensive GPS tracking. Our GPS tracking services involve alerts and live tracking, which provides vehicle position, driver behavior, and stop events. 

We offer one solution with numerous features to enable your supply chain network globally. Explore our GPS tracking benefits from first to the last mile with precise location, unscheduled stops and delays. 


Embrace Tracking Benefits

Minimize human errors

Suvega reduces paperwork and plenty of manual efforts and involves technological solutions that extend your business growth and network.

Complete Back-trace Visibility

Get comprehensive visibility of different goods and/or products in transit, involving proactive status updates and limiting disruptions.

Improve Operational Efficiency

We enable your operational flow with a hiccup-free experience and help you manage your vehicle trips and alerts easily.  

Track your Seamless Network with Suvega

Experience End-to-End visibility

Combined with IoT in Every Step 

  • Keeping Vehicles on Track by up to 80%

Consistent Tracking

  • With an IoT device, you can track your vehicles 24*7

Gain Visibility

  • Use our Visibility Operations Center to keep up on your performance analytics and gain visibility to your fleet

Improve Driver Satisfaction

  • Keep drivers driving without check calls or multiple apps

Predict & Forecast Order to Delivery Lead Times

Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce manual efforts by up to 80%

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate exceptions, detention, and late fees

Obtain Visibility

  • Enhance operational visibility and manage your performance analytics

Explore Seamless World with Suvega

  • Differentiate
    Give customers visibility and be promoted by our Preferred Carrier Program

  • Choose Your Freight
    Provide better service using technology and earn more freight from your customers

  • Access More Loads
    Automatically connect to other shippers without repeat integrations