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In-Plant Automation

Automating Processes and Ensuring Safety

Managing vehicle movement at various stages in-plant premises is one of the most challenging tasks. Suvega In-plant Automation solutions will enable and streamline your logistics activities and, improve operational efficiency. 


Suvega optimizes manual process and reduces turn-around time at every stage from yard management, stage tracking, vehicle safety checks, to unmanned weighbridges. Streamline your in-plant process with a perfect solution. 


Embrace Automation Benefits

Optimised Check In/Outs

Manage your vehicle every check-in/outs easily at every stage with Suvega in-plant. 

Manage your Yard Visibilty

Digitalize your order and delivery process by eliminating manual processes and paperwork. 

Weighbridge Automation

Weight analyses at every stage throughout the delivery process. Suvega saves time and human efforts.

Fulfill your Network Potential with Suvega

Manage and Schedule

  • Avoid Congestion 
    Schedule your truck and reduce congestion

  • Schedule Priorities
    Manage and serve your shipping priorities.

  • Add Configurations
    Configure your yard parameters and keep up fleet visibility 

  • Improve Yard Environment
    Keep your yard environment intact with streamlined process.

Optimize In-plant Safety Checks


  • Customize your Checklist 
    Create your checklist and maintain your in-plant safety
  • Drivers Check
    Create insepction criteria for drivers in the safety process.
  • Optimize turn-around-time-around time
    Stage tracking and vehicle safety checks.

Explore Seamless World with Suvega

  • Differentiate
    Give customers visibility and be promoted by our Preferred Carrier Program

  • Choose Your Freight
    Provide better service via project44 technology and earn more freight from your customers

  • Access More Loads
    Automatically connect to other shippers without repeat integrations